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[BKARTS] forgetting and remembering book parts ...

Of interest to some book lovers and researachers. This article was extracted from today's "Reserach Buzz" (www.researchbuzz.com) 


** Stump the Bookseller

If you're like me and I know I am, you've got plenty of 
half-remembered books floating around in your mind. You may 
just barely remember a character or something happening in a 
book. I was going crazy remembering a phoenix building its 
pyre out of cinnamon sticks until I discovered I was 
thinking of the book DAVID AND THE PHOENIX. 

You too can get these plot lines out of your head. At Stump 
the Bookseller (  http://www.logan.com/loganberry/stump.html 
) you can either post a book stumper that's got your brain 
hurting (for $2) or browse through a collection of over 1100 
current and solved stumpers. You can also use the site 
search engine to search for a favorite title, author, or 
plot fragment. Materials vary based on what people are 
looking for (book, article, author, etc.) and what other 
people have suggested (some stumpers have half-a-dozen 
suggestions tacked on to the end!)

Searching was scattershot. I found several references to 
DAVID AND THE PHOENIX and for several well-known authors. 
Nothing for lesser-known series like Kim Aldrich. 
Fascinating reading -- very nostalgic. 

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