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[BKARTS] looking for an author


What you're really looking for is the copyright holder, who might or might
not be the author! Often times a publisher holds a copyright, and if your
favored author has had the story published, one of the absolute best ways to
contact them would be through the publisher.
You can also at the same time make your copyright clearance query to the
publisher (if the work has been published, copyright ownership should
properly be in the front matter of the work).
More info on copyright clearance, which is getting easier to ask for these
days, and is certainly worth the while, may be found at the good ol' Library
of Congress, who have their own website nowadays: http://www.loc.gov

Best of luck in searching and finding and getting gracious permissions, and
may the author soon have a copy of the treasure you create to hold...

Ruth Temple
just another editor with letterpress ambitions

Audrey Hill wrote:

I have a question that may not be answerable here.  If I like a story that
an author has written and I illustrate it and letter press it, can I show it
if I list him as the author?  If I don't try to sell the book.. of course
selling the work is another story.  I don't know if  I can find the author,
although I am looking for him currently.


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