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Re: [BKARTS] journal paper type...

on 4/18/03 2:00 PM, Kristen Kakos at kbk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> hi there.  i joined this list a few days ago.  been listening and learning
> a lot.  i'm a beginning bookbinder in San Francisco, CA.
> I have a question about what papers you all would recommend for making a
> sketchbook/journal.  I really like journals with ecru or cream colored
> paper. i'd like to make a few journals for me and friends using a nice,
> but not too heavyweight, ecru/cream drawing paper for the signatures.
> does anyone have suggestions as to paper type/weight?
> - kristen
A really nice paper for this is arches cover. I'm not sure about the weight,
but just ask for printmaking paper. It has a nice warm color.


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