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Re: [BKARTS] permission by author or copyright holder

Some publishers are abrupt
others are more tranquil ...
You still need to write and ask
and save copies of your letter
and their response.

Fair Use is a little nebulous
to many
and what seems clear
to the person who wrote your answer
may not seem clear to their successor ....

That's why you should always ask
and save the answers ...
Don't presume ......

As for finding William Kittredge
start the easy way ....
Use the internet
Switchboard shows 16 WK's
from Ma and NJ to CA.

A Google search on
gives you several options.

With luck,
your author is among the listed
and for a couple of $s
and half an hour of your time on the phone

Hope this helps!

Hugs and ciaobiddy

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