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[BKARTS] on requesting copyright permission: yes!

our dancing Alice wrote:

> As long as you don't mass market your book, yes, you may use an author's
> text.

This is in error, actually, it's not legally correct under current copyright
laws. Any who haven't in the last decade, it's time to refresh your
understanding of the current laws - partly that they've changed in the last
decade, and partly because, and perhaps more to the point, how copyright
laws are being enforced has also changed with the immediacy of global
communication.  We're all being held to a higher standard these days. Mostly
that's a very good thing, I think...

The important part to note is that getting proper copyright
clearance/permissions from their owners is not difficult to ask for, is most
often granted, and that most graciously, and it's so much cleaner to take
care of it all up front in the planning process.

I edit dissertations and work to help make the process of asking for
copyright permissions easier...  there's a sample letter of requesting
permission out at the UMI website (designed for getting permission to
include a work in a dissertation, but you could adapt it for your own
purposes...) over at

You would of course replace "dissertation" with the name of your artwork,
and let them know how many copies you plan to make of it, and so on...

best regards,
Ruth Temple

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