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Re: [BKARTS] Writers and authors

No, you can't make artist's books using any other artist's material, without asking
permission. That includes postcards of art that is in museums. We often use art from
museums for our book covers, and we pay a fee to the museums, usually around $300-
400 for nonprofit publishers, publishing no more than600-1000 copies.
Bertha Rogers

On 19 Apr 2003 at 9:42, DanceMarathon1@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Perhaps my statement was unclear about working with the writings of authors
> for
> artist books. My intent was that while it is acceptable to work with other's
> poetry and text, one SHOULD get permission. As I wrote, it is <<appropriate
> and
> courteous to request permission from the author, or publisher, as it is the
> property
> of the author and most likely copyrighted.>>
> It's surprising to see exhibitions of student art work
> which include copyrighted images. With image banks, stock photos,
> clip art, postcards, etc., so easily available, many believe that everything
> is
> up for grabs.
> In a Terms of Agreement form I use based on The Graphic Artist Guild's
> Guidelines,
> it states that my illustrations are my property, copyrighted with the Library
> of Congress,
> and may not be scanned, manipulated, or used in any other way than as
> originally
> discussed without my written permission.
> And by the way, what about postcards? Can artist books be made from postcards
> without the permission of the photographer?
> Still dancing,
> Alice
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