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[BKARTS] pilfering encouraged

Continued appreciation for all who continue clarification of copyright
issues. Let me say again, I am on the side of gaining permission.

HOWEVER, let me also applaud Diane Cassidy: "many wonderful contributions to
our common culture, are going to be lost - discarded - due to the fear of
copyright reprisals. I fail to see who is the benefactee."

Recently, for an artist book, I actually stated at the beginning in the
copyright area: "Pilfering encouraged, with attribution please."

Isn't (or shouldn't it be) the concern to give proper attribution? In the
world of architecture, there is no such thing as copyright. Certain motifs
are re-used without so much as a by your leave, much less a small plaque
saying this idea was the original concept of AEG/SDC. Years ago, for the
architectural company, I joined the school of "copying is the best form of
flattery." This is not to say that when another architect said he had
actually created the work in one of our buildings, and foolishly in the
newspaper at that, that I took him to task publicly. But back to books.

Among my favorite reads is one called, "The Unknown Craftsman, A Japanese
Insight into Beauty" by Soetsu Yanagi. In the Japanese culture of earlier
times, signing ones name to anything was unheard of. [Of course, this was
before the industrial revolution, mass marketing and making a bazillion
dollars on one idea.} Even attribution, in the Japanese culture, was

A matter of balance, don't you think? Another great read: "The Death of
Common Sense, How Law is Suffocating America" by Philip K Howard. I keep it
right next to my copy of "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine...which, of course,
does not have copyright.

Let's see. I've mentioned three books and have not identified the
publishers. This email is going to many recipients. Anyone wishing to know
more about these books is welcome to contact me for further information.

With a droll smile, A.

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