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as a calligrapher, i am reading the copyright issue with interest. i wonder how this applies to our craft/art. oh boy, am i opening up a can of worms there. i have never really heard this addressed at a guild meeting or workshop. the quotes that are hand lettered are always attributed to the "person who wrote or said them". and the work is usually signed by the calligrapher with "scribe" after their name. and this work is sold at shows and galleries. there are works that are in the "public domain" such as nursery rhymes, bible verses, thoreau, shakespeare, native american sayings and these are often used but not always.  i immediately went to my "2003 calligraphers engagement calendar" published by john neal and it was interesting to see the quotes used. i feel i can safely say that the estates, publishers, lawyers etc.  were not contacted for the artwork found here. do calligraphers have different guidelines from book artist? i certainly have no answers to this but does anyone?
karen fuhrman

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