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[BKARTS] Fair Use or Theft

I was e-mailed a black and white jpg
of a dove.

One line accompanied the drawing.  It read:
Look familiar?

It looked familiar,
like a hundred other peace doves ....
Why had the sender thought
it belonged to me?

It wasn't until three days later
when I opened my color xerox
of a community "haggadah"
that I had contributed pieces to
a decade ago
that I remembered burying my name
in the tail feathers

They are still there
and my dove is now part
of the website
of an international non-profit organization.

I'm not sure how it got there
but I will find out
Even if all the web-site creator got
was a thank you
for volunteering to create a website
they didn't deserve that.

If the organization had asked,
I would have smile, been flattered
and said .... of course ....
and filed a print of the web-page
with the letter.

Now I am left chagrined that artists
who would never consider lifting a pencil
from Pearl Paint
or borrowing a package of gum from the drugstore
or a t-shirt from a major department store
can justifying stealing words or art
from the creator and/or owner
because the copyright laws
no longer fulfill their original intent.

Hugs and Ciaobiddy

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