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Re: [BKARTS] copyright

Karen Furhmn writes:

?as a calligrapher, i am reading the copyright issue with interest. i
wonder how this applies to our craft/art. oh boy, am i opening up a can
of worms there. i have never really heard this addressed at a guild
meeting or workshop.?

This subject regularly comes up on the Cyberscribes listserve, and is a
continuing source of concern ? check the archives.  Copyright is also
discussed in calligraphy books and magazines.

Karen continues:

?i immediately went to my "2003 calligraphers engagement calendar"
published by john neal and it was interesting to see the quotes used. i
feel i can safely say that the estates, publishers, lawyers etc.  were
not contacted for the artwork found here. do calligraphers have
different guidelines from book artist? i certainly have no answers to
this but does anyone??

I don?t think you can safely say any of what you?ve said in the above

Included in the call for entries for that *2003 Calligraphers Engagement
Calendar? is the following paragraph:

?¶ COPYRIGHT: When choosing your passage(s), be sure that you are not in
violation of copyright laws. If the book you are quoting from was
published more recently than 75 years ago, or if its copyright was
renewed more
recently, or if you are uncertain as to its status, write to the
publisher for copyright permission and/or information. Be sure to
include this permission with your calendar entry. Please note that
recently published translations of books, or parts of books are also
protected by copyright laws and therefore must be released by the
publisher even if the original source is hundreds of years old. If there
is a copyright fee, it is your responsibility to pay it. We suggest that
you do not pay the fee until you receive notice that your piece has been
accepted. We do, however, advise you to request this permission in
advance of submitting the artwork; if permission is denied, we will not
be able to publish your work.?

See the whole call for entries at:


Beth Lee
Tallahasee, Florida

e-mail:  callibeth@xxxxxxxxxxx
website:  mywebpages.comcast.net/callibeth

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