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Re: [BKARTS] Fair Use or Theft

I wish you luck.  Your comments are achingly right. One web site said to me, "Well, don't
you want your authors' work to be seen?"  NOT THIS WAY!

By the way, to the person who mentioned Random House's curt dismissal of her
request, requesting is still the right thing to do. I had a book published a couple of years
ago, and I used, as an epigraph, a few lines from a Theodore Roethke poem. I paid $35
for those few lines, and I was glad to do it.

Bertha Rogers

On 20 Apr 2003 at 8:40, darius wrote:

> Recently,
> I was e-mailed a black and white jpg
> of a dove.
> One line accompanied the drawing.  It read:
> Look familiar?
> It looked familiar,
> like a hundred other peace doves ....
> Why had the sender thought
> it belonged to me?
> It wasn't until three days later
> when I opened my color xerox
> of a community "haggadah"
> that I had contributed pieces to
> a decade ago
> that I remembered burying my name
> in the tail feathers
> They are still there
> and my dove is now part
> of the website
> of an international non-profit organization.
> I'm not sure how it got there
> but I will find out
> Even if all the web-site creator got
> was a thank you
> for volunteering to create a website
> they didn't deserve that.
> If the organization had asked,
> I would have smile, been flattered
> and said .... of course ....
> and filed a print of the web-page
> with the letter.
> Now I am left chagrined that artists
> who would never consider lifting a pencil
> from Pearl Paint
> or borrowing a package of gum from the drugstore
> or a t-shirt from a major department store
> can justifying stealing words or art
> from the creator and/or owner
> because the copyright laws
> no longer fulfill their original intent.
> Hugs and Ciaobiddy
> Please take a look at my newest project

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