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Re: [BKARTS] permission by author or copyright holder

I have bought several books unbound (in sheets) and designed the binding for
myself, not for sale.  How to copyright laws apply to such books?

Specifically, the book I am working on right now, HEADBANDS: How to work
them, by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hille, copyright 1986, has a separate
ISBN for the sheets. I intend to include worked samples front and back so
they will be visible through Plexiglas covers. The text pages will not be
altered in any way. Only one copy, besides the dummy, will be produced. A
photograph of the finished book might be sent to the writers as a courtesy.

Whenever a book is purchased unbound, I would assume the person holding the
copyright know the purchaser intends to bind it (or not) in some fashion;
permission should not be necessary.  Am I correct?

How do "altered books" fit into this discussion? Are books only out of
copyright used to undergo metamorphosis?

I usually repair or restore old books so I am always careful about keeping
the original binding intact on rare or valuable books, preserving them in
boxes after minimal work to clean and stabilize them. But, in the case of a
book whose nondescript cover has disintegrated, I have no qualms about
rebinding with new materials so that the owner can continue to use the book.
Of course, I always reapply the original spine with its labeling.

 When I worked in the repair department of a small library, I came across a
book with this notation in the colophon: " This book may not appear in any
other binding." I have forgotten how we disposed of the book.

Betty Storz
Repair & Restoration
PO Box 542
Mendocino, CA 95460
707-937-2202   storz@xxxxxxx

"An education without common sense
is nothing more than a bunch of books
on the back of an ass!"

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> I have been following, with interest, the recent postings regarding
> permission to use others' work. I am on the side of seeking and gaining
> permission.

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