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[BKARTS] Arion Press in the SF Gate/Copyright concepts

Good morning folks,

I just read a nice little piece about SF's Arion Press on SF Gate
(the Chronicle in Web form). Check it out at:

As for the copyright discussion; Diane, in theory, the law is made
to aid and protect folks like you and me, creatives who make public
our artwork. While I completely agree that the US Congress has gone
overboard every time they have voted to extent copyright length,
(for one thing, it can be successfully argued that an idea like
Mickey Mouse is already in the public domain), I am glad that these
same laws protect me & my heirs. This discussion makes me think of
all those horrible, unauthorized, car stickers of Calvin pissing on
whatever's on the sticker (usually a Chevy logo, or the name Osama)
- under many folks' argument, that is fair use.

Also, to reply to Ann who had a curt reply from Random House: you
probably got a reply from an overworked permission editor, or
underpaid editorial assistant. May I also ask what you expected to
get in their reply letter? If all you asked for was the OK to
reprint, and they explained that you already had it, and gave you
the text for the credit line, what more were they to do? (Can we all
tell I've worked in publishing for too long? :-) Also, if you want
to contact an author, I suggest you address your request to the
editorial department. Your letter was probably forwarded to Legal.

Thanks for reading this far!

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