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[BKARTS] calligraphy quotes and copyright

i did not see the call for entries for the calender but did look through the calendar itself and on the acknowledgment page there are several referals to text pages being original quotes or used with author's permission.  but there are other quotes from miles davis, eubie blake, charlie parker, leonard bernstein, plus a list of titles from 1930 jazz standards in the calendar and there are no acknowledgements or statements regarding obtained permission for these. and not seeing this stated anywhere in the calendar is what i based my assumption on. 

i  was also just questioning (in my mind as i read these emails) the fine line that calligraphers walk. if a client wishes to have a piece of work made from someone else's quote who is responsible for getting permission to use it create the artwork?  i will check the cyberscribes archives as i am sure it is addressed there or with members of my guild. the inquiry and statement was not meant to offend or upset. sorry if i did. 


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