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[BKARTS] fair use ... more views ...

Hello, all:
Of course agreed on the moral and legal right of creators but yes,
corporate lawyers DO matter. When creators utilize others' works
even under fair use, that does not necessarily stop corporate
lawyers from threatening enough litigation to put one in the
poorhouse regardless of rightness/wrongness or legality. Point I'm
trying to make: It can be legal under fair use to parody Mickey
Mouse, but do you want to incur the legal expense of taking it to
the Supreme Court to prove it? Larger point I'm trying to make: a
few bad apples... can have a dampening effect on {fair and moral}

There are some fascinating things going on, people making statements
on this very issue via their work that you might be interested to
know about:

for musical work from the band who brought you "Rocked by Rape" {a
mix by Dan Rather and AC/DC} Evolution Control Committee; scroll
down to download it for yourself...
evolution-control.com/cat_ecc.html Mark Gunderson spoke about his
work recently at the Cleveland Museum of Art, essentially saying
yes, he knew he was in what some consider seriously grey territory
but that he was making a parody as protected under fair use. {Many
lawyers in the crowd did not agree.}

There's also the idea on the part of creators supporting a more free
and open exchange of ideas of their own creation in the concept of
"copyleft": "...The idea of "copyleft" is to willfully revoke the
exclusivity of those rights under certain terms and conditions, so
that anyone can copy and distribute the work or properly attributed
derivative works, while all copies remain under the same terms and
conditions as the original." {gotten from
www.dsl.org/copyleft/dsl.txt} As I understand it, this began with
open source code.

While it's not what I'd want to do, I'm glad someone else is...

Bertha Rogers wrote:

> ... If
> people grasped the simplicity and did the right thing there'd be no need for those
> powerful corporate lawyers.
> Bertha Rogers

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