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[BKARTS] Big Mickey

Hello all,

I guess the thing with parody is that if you know it's a parody it
actually isn't, is it? The point I'm getting at is that far from being
an issue to take to any court, the image of Mickey Mouse, as a sequence
of codes or as a discrete icon or as design or as symbol, is with us and
understood. We don't need to be told what Mickey means because the image
has become preconscious and ubiquitous. The act of asking for permission
to share our images is an embarrassment and an abrogation of our
collective right to free speech. How can we come to know when we are
using copyrighted images in our languages and how can we come to know
when we aren't? The image would seem to precede the language we encode
it in. Asking permission as a form of recognizing another artist's labor
in encoding these images in a recognizable form seems fair but it is
not, fundamentally, a question of acquiring something they or any of us
have constructed ex- nihlo. These images have a history. Are those
artists among us in favor of spending time in tracing the genesis of
their creations back to the big bang? Who would you make the cheque out

Chris Chapman.

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