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[BKARTS] Amen, Right On and Up the Corporation!

> Date:    Sat, 19 Apr 2003 22:21:21 -0700
> From:    LAURIE MULLIKIN <laurie.mullikin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: fair use ... another view ...
> There are widely differing views on this subject and I resisted jumping =
> in because I know this will offend some here ...=20
> I say use good judgment and "best effort" to get clearances ... =
> remembering the original intent of copyright law and the fact that it's =
> a lot easier to ask forgiveness than permission. With that guideline, I =
> can't imagine book artists here getting in real trouble on copyright =
> violations.=20
> Part of the growing difficulty and confusion on "fair use" is due to =
> powerful corporate lawyers and lobbyists who are litigating and revising =
> copyright law for corporate commercial interests ... stifling the free =
> exchange of ideas while providing little or no protection to original =
> individual artists.
> From: http://www.illegal-art.org./   (a parody of licensing agreements =
> and challenge to corporate "asset protection") ... "The laws governing =
> "intellectual property" have grown so expansive in recent years that =
> artists need legal experts to sort them all out. Borrowing from another =
> artwork--as jazz musicians did in the 1930s and Looney Tunes =
> illustrators did in 1940s--will now land you in court. If the current =
> copyright laws had been in effect back in the day, whole genres such as =
> collage, hiphop, and Pop Art might never have existed.  The irony here =
> couldn't be more stark. Rooted in the U.S. Constitution, copyright was =
> originally intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas but is now being =
> used to stifle it" For more, see other groups working on these copyright =
> issues: http://www.illegal-art.org./links/index.html
> There's also a term coined by wordsmith, Paul McFedries ... =
> "copyrighteous": adj. Relating to a feeling of moral superiority based =
> on one's responsible copyright views and actions. =
> http://www.wordspy.com/diversions/neologisms.asp
> Laurie

Right on, Laurie;

        It might help if people knew that there are other ways to do things
than the "Copyrighteous Establishment" method they are so familiar with.

Horse. Water. Lead.

CF http://www.sfgate.com/technology/inquire/

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog,
     it's too dark to read."
                                                  --Groucho Marx

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