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[BKARTS] one more copyright thought

With thanks to Katy German,

[Also, to reply to Ann who had a curt reply from Random House: you probably
got a reply from an overworked permission editor, or underpaid editorial
assistant. May I also ask what you expected to get in their reply letter? If
all you asked for was the OK to reprint, and they explained that you already
had it, and gave you the text for the credit line, what more were they to
do? (Can we all tell I've worked in publishing for too long? :-) Also, if
you want to contact an author, I suggest you address your request to the
editorial department. Your letter was probably forwarded to Legal.]

Er, ummm - I thought their reply just fine except it led me to believe I did
not need to contact them for permission, as in, no need for permission as
this falls into the realm of "fair use." It is more this clarification than
wishing for ruffles and flourishes in a corporate answer that I am trying to

It seems the consensus on this list does not agree with Random house.

Thanks for you re-direct to editorial re: contact of Kittredge. I should
have made my request in two short letters instead of co-mingling the
copyright request with the author request. Clearly, large publishing houses
must be inundated with requests all the time. I am sure form letters are

I still feel there is a line that is in question regarding permission. If
attribution is given, and the quote is a sentence or two, I must say that
common sense, a dying if not dead art, would lead us to the conclusion that
we are honoring and bringing attention to the artist/writer we quote.


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