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[BKARTS] Arts of the Book Reference Collection for sale - Granary Books

Please excuse cross-posting.

April 22, 2003

For Sale -Arts of the Book Reference Collection

Granary Books offers for sale a small library (161 items) pertaining to the
arts of the book: bibliography, paper making, collecting, printing,
typography, calligraphy, design, binding, alphabets, publishing, graphic
arts, catalogs of work by book artists and presses, and so forth.  The
collection covers primarily recent trends in the book arts-eighties and
nineties-and includes books, catalogs, and periodicals. For a catalog of
the contents of the collection go here:

The price is $5000 + shipping [cost for domestic surface shipping is $40]

For Sale-Arts of the Book Reference Works (Individual Items)

In addition to the Arts of the Book Reference Collection we are able to
offer many duplicate books as individual items however please note that the
minimum order is $100 - shipping is extra. For a list of the individual
items available go here: <http://www.granarybooks.com/arts.of.the.book.html>

Steve Clay
Granary Books, Inc.
307 Seventh Ave #1401
NY NY 10001

212 337 9979
fax 212 337 9774

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