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Re: [BKARTS] Page layout

I recently printed a book of 12 16-page signatures using PageMaker 6.5. I
had no trouble. You have to treat each signature as an individual
publication and then print them and bind them into one book.

When you have all your signatures laid out, go to UTILITIES  - PLUG-INS -
BUILD BOOKLET,  You will have to tell PM 6.5 the number of pages in the
publication (signature) and the program will automatically set up the pages.

It makes it easier if you make a dummy with all the signatures in your book,
pages numbered in sequence. All pages, including blanks, get numbered. even
though the number isn't printed on blanks.

You must be sure to have a multiple of four pages in your book, whether it
is one signature. or twenty. For instance, you might have a one-signature
pamphlet of 32 or 12 pages, or a six signature book 16 pages per signature,
total pages, 96.

Do you have a manual to consult?  I admit it sounds impossible, but I
learned and I'm sure you can, too.


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Subject: [BKARTS] Page layout

> I would like to print some small books on my desktop inkjet, and bind
> them for my family. I am using Macintosh OS 10.2.4 and Adobe
> Pagemaker 6.5. Is there a layout program, or a plug-in, that will
> automatically assort the pages for printing on my folio sheets if I
> tell it whether I choose to use 12-page signatures, or 16-page, or
> whatever?
>       Larry

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