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[BKARTS] Copyright fees what is the big deal?

Whats the big deal?  I copyright everything the fee is not that big and if it
is a work of art you only have to submit pictures of it, one good
representation of it.You do not have to send in a limited edition, you can
scan it.  I copyrighted two scale models of the Titanic I built from paper
using the original plans from the ground up. It was aderivativework being
from previously copyrighted material( the plans).
<A HREF="http://titanic-model.com/articles/article6/article6.htm";>http://titanic-model.com/articles/article6/article6.htm</A>
You don't need a lawyer to copyright anything, you need to read the
instructions. You can do it electronically.  I built these ships out of paper
decorated inside and out every deck, check out the link.  I made them because
people did not beleive that I could write out the bible in long hand the
patience was not possible
James Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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