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[BKARTS] What's the Big Deal?

<<From:     James Pepper <Biblescribe@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Copyright fees what is the big deal?

Whats the big deal? >>

Have you ever attempted to go after The Violators Of Your Copyright?
Here in New York, just having an attorney read over the files, write a
and perhaps follow up with a phone call can run $1500. Should The Violator
choose not to respond, well, then you have to continue with YOUR attorney,
while The Violators chuckle on their yachts on the French Riviera.
It's definitely to their advantage not to respond. In the case of
unpaid royalties it may necessitate an auditor to look at the Books.
Is that Book A or Book B?
Not many of us can go THAT route.
>From my own experience in The Poster Trade, I can readily say, "Uncle!"

Still dancing,

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