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Re: [BKARTS] A Rejoinder to Mr. Morehouse

on 4/23/03 10:51 AM, jlloop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Many have bemoaned the fact that little copyright holders are powerless to
> defend their marks and only the big bad corporate types can do so.

I've never had to retain a lawyer for a single copyright infringement,
despite having written some of the most important articles on figures such
as Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson and Thomas Pynchon.

The Brian Wilson <http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts/wilson.htm> story was
reprinted without my permission in two different anthologies (supposedly
because they didn't know where to contact me), but both publishers agreed to
pay a reasonable royalty when I contacted them. It did require a telephone
call from my literary agent to get one of them to respond, but no lawyers.

Online publishers have mostly responded immediately. In one case, I had to
contact an ISP. That worked. Usually, though, they apologize and volunteer
to use a link to my website.

JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1764, 77501 Cancun Q. Roo Mexico

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