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Re: [BKARTS] Laser printer to copier?

Jules Siegel wrote:
I am going to make a master copy of one of my books on a laser printer and
then use that to make Xerox copies. It works pretty well for photographs,
but I am wondering if there's a special way of screening them in Photoshop
(or some other technique) that will produce better copy.

Any ideas?

I'm looking through my Photoshop manual here. If you're talking specifically about producing better copies of the photos, there should be a way in Photoshop to produce a halftone screen from a grayscale image, for instance, which could then be printed with a laserprinter as a sort of master from which Xeroxes could be made. Don't know offhand. This should work well for Xerox'ing--a halftone dot pattern (like newspaper photo reproduction) in place of the (somewhat) continuous tone Xerox results which seem to blow out detail or produce a kind of posterized effect.

Anyway, was looking quickly through the Print Options dialog under the
File menu (in Photoshop). There is a dialog where one can dial in
numbers for halftone output--line screen, screen angles for color
halftones screens and resolution measurements. Enough that I realize
it's much too much to get into at the moment (it's after 11:00pm here in
the Netherlands).

Couple of things, it looks like the goal is to produce an EPS file which
would then need to be printed using a Postscript (laser)printer. One
note my Photoshop manual makes is "for optimal output on a Postscript
printer, the image resolution should be 1.5 to 2 times the halftone
screen frequency."

Anyway, some ideas. Maybe some help, don't know. Anyone out there with
any specific experience along these lines?

Cal Smith
thinker publications.

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