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Re: [BKARTS] Laser printer to copier?

Not sure if this is any help, but I recently asked our local printer to laser
print a book from disc on 200gsm card, and we spent ages debating about the
type of file.  He said a high quality JPEG was as good as a TIFF using the
laser printer (not sure why, but you would probably know).

Is it worth asking the local printer what format would be best to give the
optimum print, yet still be easy to open?  As long as you trust their advice.
 Once the file is open, running off 1 or 100 copies should be just as easy.
Our printer charges the same for a colour laser print as a colour Xerox, just
adds the time it takes to initially open the file and set up the printing.

If none of this helps, I was assisted by a lecturer in printing at College
last year, scanning in a photograph for a tourist publication.  He placed a
patterned plastic card over the publication to find out the resolution of the
publication, and could then translate that into the dpi/ppi for scanning the
photograph into Photoshop.  The finished size of the image was also decided
before scanning the photograph.  So the end product determined the resolution
used for scanning the photograph.
South Australia

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