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Re: [BKARTS] What's the Big Deal?

Obviously you have bad lawyers. The big deal I was referring to was getting a
copyright in the first place.  People were complaining about getting a lawyer
to fill out the forms.  Some people seem to think it is a lot harder than it
looks.  It also helps if you have a watermark embedded in your digital images
of your works, not much, but if they were stupid enough to copy an image
without changing it, you can get them easier. Coming from a family of lawyers
and judges, they are especially effective in ceasing assets of people to pay
off claims but that is them. You need a lawyer with some guts, notoneof these
ambulance chasersyou seeon TV all the time! The only problem you would have
is in those who go to places like Grand Cayman, then you need a boat, several
very strong men dressedin black and nighttime preferably without a moon, to
solve your legal issues.

James Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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