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[BKARTS] speaking of books and copyright

via the good folks at metafilter.com

"A recently enacted exception in the U.S. copyright law makes
Bookshare.org possible under the law in the United States, as long as
the copyrighted digital books are only available to people with bona
fide disabilities."

"Bookshare.org is an online community that allows users with print
disabilities to legally share books. It includes the necessary
controls to protect against use by non-disabled persons.
Bookshare.org meets the requirements of the relevant section of
copyright law, 17 U.S.C. § 121:

'... it is not an infringement of copyright for an authorized entity
to reproduce or to distribute copies of a previously published,
nondramatic literary work if such copies are reproduced or
distributed in specialized formats exclusively for use by blind or
other persons with disabilities.'"


"I can dream about being Bugs Bunny,
but when I wake up I'm Daffy"

- Chuck Jones

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