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[BKARTS] Books in Sheets Available

Book in Sheets Available from:

Asa Peavy : POB 422185 : San Francisco, CA 94142-2185
415-285-6475 : bullnettle@xxxxxxxxx

Scans are available on request.

Anatomy, by Alice Jones (Berkeley poet and psychiatrist). Bullnettle, 1998.
20 poems. 8 reduction linocuts by Coriander Reisbord. 100 copies. Designed
and printed by Asa Peavy. Set in Gill Sans cast by Michael & Winifred
Bixler. Printed on Rives lightweight. 40 pp.; 10.5" x 4.75". $125.00. 2
copies available.

A life of Merlin, by John Gohorry (English poet). Bullnettle, 2000. A
sequence of 30 poems based on Geoffrey of Monmouth¹s Vita Merlini. Monoprint
frontispiece by John Gruenwald (San Francisco artist), with 6 smaller images
in the text made from photoengravings of a part of the frontispiece. 95
copies. Designed and printed by Asa Peavy. Printed from hand-set Poliphilus
and Blado types on Somerset Textured 250gsm paper. Deckled edges. 52 pp. + 4
pp. insert; 11" x 7". $115.00. 3 copies available.

John DePol: A Celebration of His Work, by Many Hands. Yellow Barn, 1994.
Contributions from 23 private presses. As new; in sheets. $200.00

Morte D¹Arthur, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Chatto & Windus, 1937. Facsimile
of a manuscript "designed, written out, and illuminated" by Alberto
Sangorski. Lacks cover. The book is bound in such a way that the page folds
form the fore-edge rather than the spine. 24 pp.; 10.25" x 8". $40.00.

Peronnik the Fool, by George Moore. William Rudge, 1926. 785 copies.
Designed by Bruce Rogers. Withdrawn library book; stamps to one page,
otherwise very clean. Unopened; deckled edges. 74 pp.; 9" x 5.5". $65.00.

The Romance of Tristram of Lyones & La Beale Isoude, drawn out of the Celtic
and illuminated by Evelyn Paul. Harrap, ca. 1923. Cover disintegrated and
removed due to red rot; t.e.g. 164 pp.; 9.5" x 7.25". $100.00.

The Song of Songs Which Is Solomon¹s, illustrated & illuminated by Valenti
Angelo. Heritage, 1935. Lacks spine, cover very worn. Pages very clean. The
pages are frenchfolds. 32 pp.; 10" x 6.25". $30.00.

Tristram, by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Macmillan, 1927. Cover disintegrated
and removed due to red rot; t.e.g. Deckled edges. 210 pp.; 7.5" x 5".

Thanks very much for doing this for me.



Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator
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