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[BKARTS] Valuing and selling books

I seem to recall that several people on this list
stepped forward in the past related to this topic.  I
work for a charity and the widow of a film notable is
trying to sell some items for us.  I have the complete
list - one is a book about Thomas Edison, signed by
the author - AND Thomas Edison!  Seems special to me

In any case, can anyone advise me where to go for good
advice on the value of books and appropriate avenues
to sell them?  The man had a trove of old "Screen
Gems" as well, but Sotheby's turned them down.  I
understand that eBay may not be the best venue for
these books.

Please help if you can and email me off list if more
appropriate.  I truly appreciate it.

Judi Delgado

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