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[BKARTS] For Sale: Bindery Equipment, Cloth & Leather (in NH)

(This message is being forwarded for Tom Thomson.  Please contact him
directly about the equipment.  This is an expanded announcement from a
couple weeks ago. Eric)


From: Tom Thomson <thomsontreefarm@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 15:56:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Bindery Equipment, Cloth & Leather

Enclosed is the list of items I have for sale, if you
would like to see them please give me a call at
Thank you, Tom Thomson

Hand Bindery Equipment For Sale

1.    Floor Model Hydraulic Book Nipper (to nip sewed
books before gluing)
2.    Floor Model PIE Book Gluer (for gluing spines of
books after they are sewed) Also spare PIE Book Gluer
3.    Two floor model electric glue pots (copper pots)
4.    AFT Jogging Machine
5.    PIE Round Corner Machine (treadle operated)
6.    Two, Table Top Numatic Presses (Bellows Power Dome)
7.    Smyth #12 Sewing Machine with Signature Stand (hand
feed) with many spare parts
8.    Kolbus, Table Top Book Cloth Corner Cutter
9.    Portland Multiple Head Punching Machine, treadle
operated (old)
10.    Casco Multiple Punch (old)
11.    W.F. Ellis Roller Backer, for rounding spines of
12.    Challenge Single Head Drill (floor model)
13.    Sterling Round corner Cutter (treadle)
14.    Floor Model Southworth Perforator, treadle
operated (old)
15.    Challenge Single Head Drill (table top)
16.    ACME Wire Book Stitcher, will stitch up to 2
inches thick
17.    Very Large 4 foot Wooden Book Press that was used
at the Government Printing Office in the hand binding
department, Washington, DC
18.    Table Top Casing-in Guides
19.    Merz Table Top Casing-in and Turning-in Machine,
Model DTG. (for making hard bound cases)
20.    Kensol Gold Stamping Press Table Top Model 12A,
110 voltage (for stamping foil, blind stamping and
embossing on book covers. (Die plate and Chase for
hand or linotype)
21.    Fuller Case Dewarper for hard-bound cases.
22.    Jacques Board Shears - 41 inch blade with guides
(shears mounted on casters for easy moving)
23.    Small NuArc Light Table 18"x18" (table model)
24.    Pioneer Single head drill.
25.    Numatic Dwell Press for bookcases.

All of the above bindery equipment for one price -
$10,000. Will load onto your truck.

* Will sell 12"x18" Chandler & Price Platen Press
(hand feed) motorized with variable speed. Used for
printing ink bands on book covers and spines. $500.
Will load onto your truck.

Bookbinders Cloth, Leather, Fabric and
Foam Board

1.    Skid one - assorted rolls of bookbinders cloth
lexton, roxite and buckram, various colors
2.    Skid two - 12 full rolls of red Holliston Mills
Roxite Library Buckram cloth, 38" wide, 200 yards per
roll, for a total of 2400 yards.
3.    Skid Three - various assorted packages of cut book
cloth, most sizes for 6 x 9 books
4.    Skid Four - 5 boxes of Red Leather Cowhide, 3
smaller packages of natural sheepskin. Head Bands
(medium weight) 500 yards per roll. 4 rolls of Red and
Gold and 4 rolls of Green and Gold (total of 4000
5.    Skid Five- assorted colors and patterns of fabric
cloth, rolls are 13 1/2" wide
6.    Skid Six - full skid of foam board used with fabric
cloth, board size is 5 3/16"x8 1/4"

All above for one price - $2,750 - will load onto your

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