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[BKARTS] wrinkled - darted paper

Hello All,
Another detail of creating books in Argentina...trying to find paper sellers
who take care of their papers in stock. I need to purchase large sheets (100
cm by 80 cm) of 80 weight paper, white, acid-free. Pretty common stuff,
nothing special. But every store in the city who carries it has the paper in
quite poor condition. In the best cases, the sheets are full of what I call
"darts", V-shaped wrinkles from handling it. Any advice for getting the
darts out?
I've taken out darts in prints before by inventing a home humidifyer: the
print loosely standing in one rubber garbage can, set inside a larger lidded
garbage can with water. After 48 hours, the darts and wrinkles slowly come
out of the prints. But this is with much thicker paper. I don't see how I
could make this work with 80 weight paper.
I couldn't find anything in the archives, so if there is any advice out
there, I would gladly accept it.
Alex Appella
Icho Cruz, Córdoba Province, Argentina

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