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Re: [BKARTS] Buying paper and books in Manhattan

Thanks for all the information about buying papers and books in
Manhattan. Now I have to choose want I want (the most) from
everything I've seen at the sites you've sent. Hope to meet you all
in New York sometime...

>From: Erika Lindensmith <EL49@xxxxxxx>
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>Subject: Re: Buying paper and books in Manhattan
>Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:12:40 -0400
>It's on Broadway, just south of Houston. The F-train to Broadway-Lafayette
>is the closest subway. It's in a building that doesn't look like a store
>front. The doorman may or may not have you sign in, but Talas is on the
>second or third floor. Ask at the door. Service can be slow and you need to
>ask to see things, but if you give your friends a list of what you want they
>should be successful. They have very nice tools as well.
>I think the N/R train to 8th Street/NYU is the closest subway. It's
>North-East of the subway stop. Walk toward (and past) the cube sculpture on
>Astor place. Make a left on Third Avenue. It's another shop where you have
>to ask to see things. They have sample books etc. The bookbinding supplies
>and papers are up the stairs.
>Kate's Paperie is on Broadway South of Houston. It's easy to find and the
>papers are all laid out, but I tend to find it expensive. It is mostly paper
>and cards.
>If your frinds need help finding them or figuring out what things are they
>can contact me. (I once sent a poor friend with a moderate amount of French
>to a shop in Paris to buy tools. He found is slightly truamatic). I live a
>few blocks from both shops. My e-mail is el49@xxxxxxxx I can give you a
>phone number off the list.
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>Subject: Re: Buying paper and books in Manhattan
>Hello. I'm writing from Venezuela. I'm a new book maker and &gt;as I'm always looking for new things I asked some friends who are going to
>New York next month to bring me some papers as we don't have a lot of
>variety. Where in Manhattan could my friends buy me some papers and books
>about Book Arts? I'd like to learn more types of bindings. I hope I can go
>to New York and take some workshops once the dollar situation gets normal
>here. Thanks...

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