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[BKARTS] The James McBey Collection of watermarked paper

Apologies for cross posting. I?ve not tried this sort of thing before!

In ?another life? I made the catalogue of ?The James McBey Collection of watermarked paper? for
The British Library and the Houghton Library which I am now considering selling, but do not know
how to go about it, or what it might be worth.

The catalogue entry for the BL [http://blpc.bl.uk/] is at the foot of this email.

What I have is my working copy of the collection [so not in a pristine state] - three 18x24? ?McBey?
portfolios and a fourth, slightly smaller, labelled ?Titian?. All three are slightly scuffed on the

A: sheets numbered 1-57 as in the best of the original McBey Collection library distribution, but
the sheets and acid-free wrappers are not stamped with the number. It also has my own
bookplate. It has a catalogue in the back with a t/s supplementary list of the extra papers that went
to the BL and Harvard [as B & C below].

B: 56 miscellaneous sheets from 101-163, stamped, as are the wrappers.

C: 58 miscellaneous sheets from 164-226, stamped, as are the wrappers.

D: The ?Titian? portfolio contains perhaps 100 sheets left over from cataloguing.

BL catalogue entry
Title:  The James McBey Collection of watermarked paper. fifty-seven original examples of paper
made in Europe from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, together with a catalogue by Colin
Cohen and an introduction by Nicolas Barker
Joint author/editor:    Cohen. Colin
Joint author/editor:    McBey. James. 1883-1959
Subject:        Paper. Watermarks,. to date
Publication details:    Cambridge, Mass.. Houghton Library. 1981
Description:    [45]p. ill. 30cm. 3portfolio. (226leaves)
Shelfmark:      N.Tab.2026/21
Shelfmark:      N.Tab.2026/22
Shelfmark:      N.Tab.2026/23
Notes:  Bibliography
Notes:  Portfolios consist of sheets of watermarked paper
Copy Notes:     Includes extra sheets not present in all sets
Copy Notes:     [Portfolios.]
Copy Notes:     [Another copy of the catalogue.]

I?d be most grateful for any suggestions - I have no idea whihc libraries got the collection [The BL
and Harvard aside].

Thank you, Colin Cohen

The Old Vicarage
Barford St Michael
Oxon OX15 0RJ

+44 [0]1869 337040

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