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[BKARTS] blue paper

Can anyone provide a reference for the following?  I'm looking for a
maker/supplier of blue paper similar to the sorts I'm finding on 19th
century ledgers, and pamphlet covers.  There are two kinds, generally-
one has blue smalt pigments to give it color, the other has blue fibers
(sometimes two tones on blue) making up the paper- this is what I'd

In my swatch books from various mills (Twinrocker, Fabriano, Canson,
etc.) I'm coming across stuff that is visually 'flat' and loaded with
modern pigments and dyes and lacks the subtlety of the older original.
It needs to be relatively lightweight- 80 or 115 grams.  Griffen Mill
does a fairly good job, but still not quite right.


I seem to remember once coming across a great blue paper by a mill in
Maine? called Vincenzi or Vincetti?  Does this ring a bell with anyone?


Thanks in advance,

Doug Sanders



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