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I do not remember anyone sending any images to this list, and if they had,
these would have been stripped out as no attachments are permitted.
Likewise, no <marnij65@xxxxxxxxxx> is subscribed.

Where/how on this list were your photos put? Specifics would be needed. The
other option is a virus which sent out the message from your computer
attaching some files, but again, I've seen nothing. Nic Rayner's message
asks other good questions, and makes very sound suggestions.


Someone got into my private photo files and put them on this list for what
purpose I do not know.  They can be of no use to anyone but me.

Of course the perpetrator gave a false address so that an email to him
bounced back as unknown.

As I have said before, anyone who thinks that there is any safe system on
the internet is living in a dream world.

Carl H. Sundell


The photo bandit who stole my photo files gave a subject of "My New
Pictures!" and created a website so anyone can access my private photo files.

He then gave a false address "marnij65@xxxxxxxxxx".

Carl H. Sundell


Peter D. Verheyen
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