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Re: [BKARTS] leather-dressing etc.


It should be noted that neatsfoot oil and lanolin can render dry rotted
leather to a jelly that will never recover. Beeswax, In my opinion, has no
use whatever in conection with leather.  The only  damage, I have witnessed,
from Klucel-G, was actually cause by the alcohol.  Many people make the
mistake of using denatured alcohol from the hardware or paint store.
Commercial denatured alcohol can serve as a good axample of undisclosed
ingredients. By law it may contain a maximum of 94% ethanol. Most do not have
that high a percentage of ethyly alcohol and the balance is an absolute
chemical dump. The principal denaturant is methanol but this is often
acompanied by toluene, varuious keytones and even water. And there is no
regulation of its ingredients or the disclosure thereof. These extra
ingredients are termed "unknown contaminants."  When making a "solution" of
Klucel-G, you should use 100% anhydrous ethyl alcohol, denatured with only
methanol.  If this advice is followed, I doubt you will see any damage from


Ed S.

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