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Re: [BKARTS] The advantage is all theirs

Dear Gerald,
My friend John Bennett had exactly the same problem with Amazon, to
the extent that he would be close to making a loss on every book
sold. His experience with regard to Amazon?s service after he
withdrew from them is very similar to yours. It seems that in their
attempts at world domination they have no time for the small
publisher, which is a terrible shame for a myriad of reasons of
which I?m sure you are already aware.



Gerald Lange <Bieler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:I recently dropped out
of the Amazon.com Advantage Program for small publishers when they
began charging an annual fee to handle the account and a $8 check
processing fee. Their rather high discount and shipping policy
wasn't all that beneficial to me anyway (because of my small
volume), so I figured no big deal.

I requested my inventory back, and they agreed, as long as I paid for
shipping. When the shipment arrived, however, there was no packing
protection and a number of books were destroyed. Amazon has not
responded to my inquiries.

Next, I was surprised to find that they had marked all my books as
either out-of-print or out-of-stock on their lists, put outrageously odd
prices on them, and seemingly dropped all titles to the very bottom of
their listing. Nor have they paid the remainder due on the account.

I don't have a problem with their change in policy or am all that
concerned with the way they choose to maintain their listings or conduct
their business, but their response seemed almost vindictive. This sure
ain't the old amazon.

Anyone else having problems with this company?

Gerald Lange
The Bieler Press
Marina del Rey, California

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