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[BKARTS] Alcohol-was leather dressing

In a message dated 4/30/03 3:09:34 AM, tcl@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< The U.S. government has regulated alcohol since the Whiskey Rebellion
(1794), and the various formulas for denaturing ethyl alcohol are published

Obviously, you are a great resource for many facts. Thank You for sharing
your knowledge with us.
I have a related question that maybe you (or someone on the List) has an
answer to:
For the past few years, I have been purchasing a Reagent Alcohol (#R8382)
from SIGMA of St. Louis. It has been used because the catalog states "R8382"
is 95% Ethyl Alcohol AND 5% Isopropyl Alcohol. My assumption being that the
Isopropyl would be safer to use than the Methanol that is commonly used to
denature other alcohol formulations -- see my note below.
Unfortunately, I have recently learned that this particular type also has
Methanol. The NEWEST catalog listing has an additional sentence that reads
"Specially denatured alcohol Formula 3A". Apparently, the ethyl alcohol is
FIRST denatured with Methanol, BEFORE the addition of the Isopropyl.
Note: I would like to use 100% (200 proof) alcohol but the tax makes it
prohibitive for general purposes. As you know, institutions can get around
the tax issue (special tax exemption) by meeting certain
regulations/requirements. When I saw the Isopropyl Alcohol in the Ethanol, I
thought it was a good (safe?) compromise. Obviously, I was wrong.
Question: Does anyone supply a denatured alcohol that does not contain
methanol that would be safer to use -- IF there is such a thing? I do not
want to drink the stuff (nor pay the tax), but want to have a good, suitable
alcohol for general use around the shop. Obviously, a fume hood and/or
respirator should be used ALL OF THE TIME (but sometimes they are not used).
I try to be safe with all chemicals, but I know I could (and should) do
better with alcohol.
Thanks for your help.
Bill Minter
William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
Woodbury, PA
fax 814-793-4045

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