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Re: [BKARTS] Alcohol-was leather dressing

> Question: Does anyone supply a denatured alcohol that does not contain
> methanol that would be safer to use -- IF there is such a thing?

Bill -

I just started using an alternative to spirit duplicating fluid, which is
basically denatured alcohol, called DupliSafe. It's made by Repeat-o-type in
NJ and is described as a, "hazard free, non-flammable, non-toxic and
odorless liquid designed to replace the old style fluids".

You can read about it at: http://www.repeatotype.com/spirit.html

I'm not associated with them, just a happy customer. As per the norm
anymore, there is just one guy there who is really up on the spirit and
stencil duplicating stuff - his father started the company during the
depression, Fred Keen fkeen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

He might be able to send you a sample to try.

with best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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