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Re: [BKARTS] Alcohol-was leather dressing

Bill and others,

The govenment's only interest in controlling ethanol is to see to it that if
it's drinkable, it's taxed. Otherwise it is rendered poisonous so that it's
fatal to drink. What a reseller compounds with it as an extender or
additional denaturant, in addition to methanol, (probably a good way of
disposing of waste chemicals) is their business and not regulated. For a good
number of years, I was a reseller of ethanol and I'm well acquainted with
regulations regarding it.

Ethanol with only 4% methanol can be bought. I know this because I use to
sell it.  The ethanol I originally termed a "chemical dump", was the kind you
find in the hardware or paint store.

Before you start saying that I'm absolutely wrong; do some research so that
you'll know what your talking about.


Ed S.

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