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Re: [BKARTS] The advantage is all theirs

Dear Gerald,
My friend John Bennett had exactly the same problem with Amazon, to
the extent that he would be close to making a loss on every book
sold. His experience with regard to Amazon’s service after he
withdrew from them is very similar to yours. It seems that in their
attempts at world domination they have no time for the small
publisher, which is a terrible shame for a myriad of reasons of
which I’m sure you are already aware.


I went through Google last night trying to find “something” on Amazon. Not much. Strange. Who owns who?

From what I could gather, Amazon started the Advantage program when
they dropped special orders and expanded into non-book merchandise.
Also, apparently Amazon doesn’t use Bowker to verify its in-print list
but now depends upon the Baker & Taylor and Ingram listings. Mainstream

Well, Amazon is a strong force on the net but if the output of the
non-mainstream presses and the odd title is no longer available through
them, that’s probably good news for the independent book stores, god
bless and keep them.

I know who I’m no longer buying books from.


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