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[BKARTS] Workshops/Study in Venice (close to Milan)


Check out the web site above. It is not in Milan, but in Venice, a
short distance away.

The Schuola is an intense wonderful place for study, long term or for a
workshop. There is also a wonderful small bed & breakfast just around
the corner from it.  The work produced there, at least the work I saw
in their  "bookarts library" was wonderful. And you can't beat their

Belinda Peters

From: kinde nebeker <kinde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Wed Apr 30, 2003 4:43:34 PM US/Eastern Subject: Milan/August/visit

Hello All, Just wondering if anyone knows of any delicious book arts (especially type-related) places, studios, events, classes, seminars or galleries in the far north of Italy. I will be there in August and would like to make it an educational trip in the field of design or book arts. Any info or contacts would be GREATLY appreciated. Kinde Nebeker Salt Lake City, Utah

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