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[BKARTS] Artist's Book Project - Help Wanted

I am forwarding the message below to all of you. Perhaps there is someone
who can help. Please do not reply to the list as the original writer is NOT
on the list. Full contact information is below.



hello hello,

my name is doron poalk and i live in israel. i am an artist, art curator
and art producer. i have no website by there is some material bout my
activities if you put my name in google or any other internet addresses. my
leading project during the last years is the "markers" project that was
founded at the last venice bienalle. i am an active person in the "artists
museum" - a no-wall museum, known organization which was founded during the
eighties by a group of polish intelectuals and artists. the main names are
richard wasko (director)and emmett williams (chairman) who lead nowadays
the organization. by now we plan to open a big exhibition of artists books
in the coming venice bienalle. 150 artists from all over the world had
designed a uniqe works inspired the their local culture environment. i wish
to be in any contact with you. we plan to print these days a catalogue
(hard cover book) with all the artists books images and some articals. this
book of course is not a comercial one but as i explained before its done by
artists and for artists. could you supply or recommand on any important
artical to print in the book. we promise to give any mentioned credit to
the writer. i am also interested if its possible to send you all the images
of the books to your site. well, you having amazing wabsite full of so much
material. i wish i'll be able to read it in a while. my english is bad, but
i try to explain myself using my poor lanquage. please contact me asap and
tell me in what way we could cooporate. millions of thanks and warm regards
from the "holyland"

doron polak
projective artists museum
31 taiber street
giwataim 53415

Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator
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