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[BKARTS] Summer Workshops in Cincinnati

Please forgive cross and duplicate postings.

Don't swelter away in boredom this summer--Sizzle with creativity!

Ars Brevis Press Letterpress studio announces its new summer schedule of
workshops. You'll find your favorites listed, including

*Introduction to Letterpress, including working with handset metal type;

*Beyond the Basics in Letterpress
   where you will complete more complicated projects;

*Working with Photopolymer Plates
   greatly expanding the creative possibilities for letterpress by working
with handmade negatives or digital files, and

*The Digital Book
a favorite for those wishing to learn how to get more professional results
when making books or other printed matter using a computer.

New for this summer: Screenprinting at Home

Screenprinting is a remarkably versatile and cost effective way of printing
editions of posters, tee shirts, books and book covers. You can greatly
expand your creative possibilities for image-making by adding this tool to
your creative toolbox, and it's easy to learn and, more important, easy to
do at home without complicated (or heavy!) equipment or supplies.

Ars Brevis Press is also proud to announce the ideal collaborative workshop:
Creative Writing and Creative Printing, coming in August, and featuring
creative writing instructor, C. Duncan Sweet of North Carolina. If you are a
bit unsatisfied using other writer's material in your work and would rather
be expressing your own content, this is the workshop for you. Writing can
sometimes be lonely work, especially when the words just can¹t find their
way to the blank page. Whether you¹ve written for years or are just
summoning the courage to begin, sometimes all you need is a little help.

In her workshops, Carol Sweet brings writers together in a safe, supportive
environment, providing prompts and the stimulus to get the flow started, as
well as helpful hints to bring new life to your writing. Once you get the
writing down, we'll help you get the work printed in the most beautiful way,
whether it be a broadside or a book.

Special Note to Businesses and Groups: COME PLAY FOR A DAY! There is nothing
like a letterpress workshop to help your employees, especially those
involved in creative work, to recharge their batteries. Working with metal
type has a very calming and soothing effect on the body and the mind, and at
the same time, is a known energizer (no bunny required) for boosting
creativity and renewed productivity at work. Ars Brevis Press can offer any
of the workshops at special dates and times for groups.

Please call or email for more details or to obtain a registration form. You
can download a complete schedule from the website:

Katie Harper
Ars Brevis Press
Cincinnati, OH

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