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[BKARTS] WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT - Gilding Objects: Working with Metal Leaf, Easthampton, MA.

Garage Annex School for Book Arts, Easthampton, MA
Please visit our Web site: <http://garageannexschool.com>


Gilding Objects: Working with Metal Leaf

May 31-June 1 (Sat. and Sun.) $160 plus $15 materials fee, plus gold leaf

Instructor: Daniel E. Kelm*

Limited to twelve participants.

Gilding is the attachment of thin leaves of gold to 2D and 3D surfaces.
Daniel will introduce you to--and you will practice--both oil and water

Oil gilded surfaces remain too soft to be burnished, but the advantage of
oil gilding is that it clings to vertical surfaces. Therefore, it is the
method of choice for complex shapes. It is appropriate for non-porous
materials such as glass, stone, and metal. Please bring a small object to
gild (not something precious because you are just practicing). You might
bring, for example, a stone, a piece of glass, an eggshell, or a small
wooden frame.

Because of its fluid nature, water gilding is usually restricted to flat
surfaces. However, water gilding uses adhesives that dry hard and,
therefore, water-gilded objects may be burnished. (You won't have enough
time to learn the edge gilding of books in this workshop, but you may be
interested to know that edge gilding is a variation of the water gilding
technique you will practice.) Daniel will provide flat panels on which you
will practice water gilding.

You will also look at gilding on paper. And, Daniel will show you leaves of
other metals, e.g., silver, palladium, copper, and aluminum.

The material fee covers everything except gold leaf, which will be
available for purchase by the leaf or book.

You may register for this workshop online at
<http://www.garageannexschool.com>, and pay using your master card or visa.
For more information, or to sign up, you may phone Daniel Kelm at
413-527-8044 or email <foliotrope@xxxxxxx>.

*Daniel E. Kelm: Before Daniel settled into his career in the book arts, he
received formal training in chemistry and taught at the University of
Minnesota. Daniel's experience with books began over twenty-five years ago
with employment in various production studios where he learned
progressively more specialized traditional bookbinding techniques. In 1983
he opened his own studio, now called The Wide Awake Garage, where he
designs and produces artist's books, interpretive fine bindings, and book
sculptures. He is known for his innovative structures and extensive
knowledge of materials. Daniel founded the Garage Annex School for Book
Arts in 1990.

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