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Re: [BKARTS] The advantage is all theirs


Amazon eventually did resolve the cash exchange on this. But this
change in policy really has to do with "mainstreaming." The
Advantage program was apparently started when they stopped doing
special orders for folks. Now, unless you are "with the Program" you
can't be listed with them as they only use the Baker & Taylor and
Ingram lists to promote titles, which no small publisher can afford.

Amazingly, though, my independent book store orders have
dramatically increased because of this. In a month I've already had
20% of the orders Amazon placed (and dominated?) in two years. Bye

All best


When Amazon.com began changing their terms, I refused to accept,
telling them, once again, what MY discount terms were/are.

I never allowed them to carry my books in stock.  Whenever they
ordered one of the titles I publish they were required to pre-pay.

I'm sorry, but not surprised, to learn of your experience with them.


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