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Re: [BKARTS] Beva gel?

>To the List:
>A student has asked me about Beva gel and I know nothing about it.
>Can anyone fill me in.
>Emily Martin

Beva refers to a class of non-aqueous adhesives developed by Gustav
Berger under a Samuel H. Kress Foundation grant some 40 years ago.

Beva-371 is a formulation commonly used by painting conservtors to
attach a new support to fragile canvases.

There is a good description in Berger's article, "Testing Adhesives
for Consolidation of Paintings," in: _Studies in Conservation_
vol. 17, No. 4, (November, 1972) pp. 173-194.

I have used the gel form to adhere Japanese paper to fragile leather
spines before lifting them.

After the book has been rebacked and the original leather spine attached,
the paper can be removed with solvents.

Back in the 1970's I treated some leather from an old law book
(just short of powdery) with Beva-371 and a British product called
Pliantex, an acrylic consolidant used to treat 'red rot' in leather.

Then I examined the samples with a scanning electron microscope.

Beva seemed to stay more-or-less on the surface; Pliantex seemed to
have penetrated well into the leather.  I did not have any Klucel-G
at the time, so that consolidant was not tested.


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