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Re: [BKARTS] Pre Selling Books?

I have a German friend in Alaska who does exactly this with prints he does
of fish illustrations. He sells numbered copies beforehand to fund the run
he wants to print, and manages to pay for the pricey process up front. He's
been doing his work this way for years now, so must have figured out a way
to make it possible. He produces nice brochures (on his home compu) and does
a fair amount of publicity in the logical places. I know he pounds a lot of
pavement, knocks on a lot of doors. But I bet it's easier for him now than
it was before. His work is well known, at least in the area. He has a
"client" base and a large portfolio.
As for being legal or not, after the copyright discussion I'm not convinced
even thinking is legal anymore. But it seems to me that selling something
beforehand is not too out of line.
best of luck,

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From: "Katie Harper" <knharper@xxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2003 8:05 PM
Subject: Pre Selling Books?

> I have an idea for a rather large, ambitious letterpress book project and
> trying to think of ways of funding it. There are grants, of course, and
> corporate sponsorship to be considered. But I also wondered if anyone out
> there has had positive experiences with pre-selling a book to cover the
> costs of production. I have read a bit about some of the older fine press
> book printers who had subscribers who would pay so much in advance and get
> copy of the book when printed. I don't even know if such practices are
> these days, but will check with my attorney. Meanwhile, if anyone has had
> experience and cares to share it, thank you  (in advance.)
> Katie Harper
> Ars Brevis Press
> Cincinnati, OH
> 513-233-9588
> http://www.arsbrevispress.com

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