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[BKARTS] Pre-Selling Books REDUX

Here is what I just learned from my friend who is the wife of the
self-publishing author/salesman. The president of the company (she
declines to tell me the name of the company) with whom he contracted to
sell the books in their stores was fired and the publication of his book
was then canceled by the new executive. Now he is trying to renegotiate to
salvage his project. The whole thing was predicated on a Mother's Day
promotion so now he has lost that important connection. For a year anyway.
I guess I erred: you need to be more than a salesman to do this
successfully. I saw the galleys for the book so I know it got that far.
I'll keep you posted on this.

What you need to be to pre-sell books is a salesman. It is about marketing
a product to the right niche. I have just witnessed a businessman I know,
bored with his recent retirement, market an idea for a book to a chain of
stores in the mid-west, I think, for Mother's Day. He has never written a
book, is not a scholar, has no background in publishing, but he was able
to pre-sell 50,000 copies of his coffee table tome with nothing more than
his personal pitch to corporate headquarters. He ended up publishing the
book himself. This was an amazing story to me.


Linda M. Wilson, Library Director, Greenwich Academy, 200 N. Maple AV,
Greenwich, CT 06830 203.552.4403

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