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[BKARTS] appropriating children's texts

For an article about the appropriation/adaptation of children's books by
artists making books, I'd be grateful for names of book artists and books
to look at. Among artists who work in mediums other than book art, I've
considered Joseph Cornell, Wm. Wegman, Cindy Sherman, and Karen Finley,
and among book artists, Lois Morrisson and Suellen Glashausser. I am
particularly interested in knowing of artists' books that imitate or
parody particular children's books or the form of children's books
(readers, primers, picture books), rather than book artists who combine
occasional images from childhood or from children's stories in their work.
If there is anyone whose work engages children's literature who would like
to have their book(s) included, I would be delighted to hear from you.
This is not art criticism! I am writing for a journal read primarily by
children's lit. scholars about how the codes of signification respective
of childhood are commented on, reconfigured, centralized, parodied,
revisioned, etc. by artists making books.

Please respond to me at the address below. Thank you in advance for your


Michael Joseph

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